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The procedure regarding the upfront payments (CHF 2 billion for Germany and CHF 500 million for the United Kingdom) has been approved by the SBA. The 30 paying agents representing the largest portions of client assets from Germany and UK will have to pay an upfront payment proportional to their portion on 31/12/2010. The 30 agents will be elected among the 50 paying agents representing the largest part of the withholding tax reported according to the EU savings directive for the year 2010. The 50 paying agents must determine the relevant assets and have them verified and confirmed by their external auditors. An implementation vehicle will be founded by the paying agents who have to pay a preliminary payment.

La procédure concernant les avances (CHF 2 milliards pour l’Allemagne et CHF 500 millions pour le Royaume-Uni) a été adoptée par l’ASB. Les 30 agents payeurs représentant les parts les plus importantes des avoirs clients pour chacun des pays concernés devront payer...
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